The history of Caorle

There are fewer sea towns that can boast such an important history and tradition as Caorle.

The first settlements date back to the Bronze Age (from the XVII Century BC) and are documented by ancient proves and findings.

During the Roman era, today’s Falconera’s Port has been for decades not only the most important maritime port in the High Adriatic Sea, but also a fundamental communication crossroad with the suggestive hamlet of Concordia Saggitaria, famous at that time for its arrows (in latin, sagittus) production.

Later on, Caorle’ populations starts to grow faster as a consequence of the migration from Concordia Saggitaria and Aquileia, towns devastated by the barbaric Huns raids.

The hamlets’ history often continues hand in hand with that of Venice: for example, the war between the Venetian Republic and its enemy Genoa (1378-1381) involved also Caorle, that ended up quite badly affected by the fights.

Towards the end of the 18th Century, Caorle together with a big part of Northern Italy is conquered by Napoleon, who, in addition to plundering everything on the way, marked its territory by destroying all representations of the winged leon, the symbol of the Serenissima Republic.

During the two world wars, famines and difficulties have not spared Caorle. It is in the early 60ies though, in the years of the reconstruction and the fatigue, that the population starts to discover a brand new economic resource. That’s the tourism, an activity that, as the time went by, has proved much more profitable if compared to the exhausting fishermen life.

Today ,the picturesque town center and the growing number of services offered to the tourists, the sunny beach and the rich calendar of sports and cultural events are the perfect set for Caorle’s people welcoming and friendly character.


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Save the dates for the big appointments in town: cultural events, live music, sport competition, food and wine tastings, exhibitions, festivals for children and many more.

Discover all the :

  • Caorle Oltremare – great writes tell about the world and about themselves.
  • Venezia in musica – International music festival.
  • Caorle film festival – three days dedicated to the independent movies shows.
  • Festival Show – music in cooperation with Radio Birikina.
  • La luna nel pozzo – buskers festival with magicians, jugglers and entertainers.
  • Street food festival – good food, music and buskers.
  • Fish festival – a taste of Caorle’s foods tradition.
  • Procession of the Virgin and the Burning of the Bell Tower- the event not to be missed.
  • The 46th edition of the 500-mile race – 500 miles non-stop boat race, designed for two skippers only.
  • Nuotiamo insieme – open water event
  • National Beach Volleyball finals – at the Piterpan Beach Arena.
  • Caorle Wonderland – Christmas time markets.

Excursions from Caorle

Caorle’s surroundings offer the chance of unforgettable excursions : from museums to historical churches, from boat trips to bicycle ridings to the Casone Didattico (a tradition fishermen’s house turned into an educational space).

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Sea and beaches

With 18 kilometers of golden sandy beaches and a bright sea, Caorle is certified every year with the Blue Flag for being among the cleanest spots of the High Adriatic coast – without mentioning the Green Flag for being a children-friendly destination.

Levante and Ponente beaches, divided by the famous dam, offer all kinds of services:

  • baby sitting ,
  • entertainment on the beach for children and families,
  • Accessible beach – sun umbrellas are accessible to wheelchairs through dedicated ramps and wide platforms. Sand-adapt pushchairs and suitable sun beds are available for rent.
  • Dog-friendly beaches.

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Spiaggia di Ponente: Consorzio Arenili 0421 84272