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Our Style | Hotel Negretto

The style of Hotel Negretto has always been one of welcoming.

The Negretto family is one of the oldest hotelier families in Little Venice, who, thanks to a significant renovation in 2020, created a wonderful hotel structure overlooking the beach of Caorle.

What to Expect from a Vacation at Hotel Negretto

In planning your vacation, we want to make sure that the chosen hotel is not only rich in services, aesthetically pleasing, and offers genuine, light, and quality cuisine.

We know from experience that what often makes the difference is the courtesy of the staff and hospitality.

The daily presence of the entire Negretto family in managing the hotel, the restaurant, and the staff, which currently consists of 22 people, is an important guarantee of the welcoming atmosphere our facility can offer.

Advice from Our Staff

Our staff has always stood out for their friendliness and the many daily tips they can provide regarding walks, excursions, not-to-miss events, and things to see in Caorle, in order to make your vacation a true experience discovering the natural and historical beauties of Little Venice.

Get to Know Us Before Booking

Our advice is to get to know us even before booking, by calling the reception to speak directly with the Negretto family.

A phone call or sending us an email will also be useful to receive a quick response for special needs or to meet specific requests.

A quick and informal phone call is also enough to know about availability and to make a reservation.

Information About the Area and Not-to-Miss Events

Upon your arrival at Hotel Negretto, our staff will welcome you with the most beautiful gift: a smile!

After completing the check-in, the Negretto family will be happy to provide you with all the important information about the area and the not-to-miss events in and around Caorle.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice and suggestions; our family is always available to clarify any doubts and satisfy your curiosity.

The History of Our Hotel

To learn about the history and tradition of Hotel Negretto, which dates back to the early 1950s, click here.

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