Restaurant in Caorle with salads

Restaurant in Caorle with salads – Salad Menu – Hotel Negretto

Our famous restaurant on the seafront in Caorle has a rich menu with salads for all tastes. If you want something light, why not choose one of our salads from the many on offer, including vegetarian options.

Our restaurant is just a short distance from the old town centre of Caorle and, as well as its delicious salads, it is also famous for its fish, restaurant and meat menus and its vast selection of pizzas.

Take a look at our children’s menu.


Insalata Estiva € 7.00
Tuna, tomatoes and red Tropea onion

Insalatona Vegetariana € 10.00
Mixed lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grilled courgettes, peppers and aubergines, Brie
Allergens: 1,7

Insalata Capricciosa € 8.00
Mixed lettuce, ham and cheese
Allergens: 1

Insalatona Greco-Romana € 11.00
Mixed lettuce, tomato, grilled peppers, feta cheese, eggs and Taggiasca olives
Allergens: 7,8

Insalatona Genovese € 11.00
Rocket, lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, pine nuts, Taggiasca olives and basil
Allergens: 8,10

Insalatona “Negretto” € 12.00
Lamb’s lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Brie, walnuts, chicken breast, croutons and grilled courgettes
Allergens: 1,8,10